Reactions to DD2 02

Most everyone was so enthralled and shocked by Becky's transformation deck that they were unable to focus on the rest of the episode. Nobar twittered "Jesus Christ Dog Days' ep2, that transformation sequence...I have no words. Only tears. And maybe a boner. MAYBE." DiGi summed it up as "Errr, wow, that was kind of uncharacteristically gratuitous, Dog Days'....". Steven managed a full recap (bravo), with this:

[...] and then we got what I think was one of the most elaborate transformation decks I've ever seen. Some parts of it were... rather erotic approaching pornographic, and I don't mean nudity as such. A lot of different art and animation styles were used in it. It was bizarre. I don't quite understand everything we saw.

Not sure if want.

QUICKIE: Nova ementually popped an episode review that was almost entirely dedicated to screencaps of the deck, only slightly censored by Dolan, because, well, even in Finland they could drag him off, I suppose. Even if the anime is broadcast by Crunchyroll.