AKB0048 01-08 Q and WMG

July 23rd, 2012 by Author

I tried to blog the titular notes back when Ani-nouto started, but it wasn’t very successful, IMHO: the material was too transient. Two years down the road nobody is going to care about small plot twists in an anime; at most they’ll like to know if it were any good, and why, in a capsule summary. But reading Fencedude predicting the outcome of Peace Ceremony was fun enough that I’m going to dump a few of them now. Enjoy! Snicker if you know how wrong I was (13 was shown less than 24 hours ago).

Good anime cannot be spoiled, but beware of hard spoilers, yada yada.

Mayuyu. She is either a cyborg, or a robot (android). If she’s a ‘droid, we now have robots that can emit aura. Otherwise Kirara would not react to her. I did not pay attention to her concert performance, so I am not sure if she emits the aura, but apparently one cannot succeed without Succession Kirara giving a nod. From spoilers that I have, this may be problematic: why bother with idols if you can make robots? Unless, of course, the secret of Mayuyu’s technology is hidden well and cannot be independently discovered. But we seem to be getting too deep. It is easier to presume that she’s a cyborg, in which case she has a soul and aura is not an issue. But the creators saw fit to give her cool, robot-like demeanor and strange behaviors, patterned after an emotionless robot girl model. Why? What did they mean by that?

The robotic behavior could be patterned after the original Mayu. I’m wondering if she is (was) (in)famous in AKB48 for such quirk. What did fans think of her?

Speaking of real AKB48 members: they never voice their own successors. In theory, this can change, but even so the openings are very narrow. According to ANN (I know I should do better but… OTZ), we only have two theoretical cases:

  • Mayuyu Watanabe, voices Chieri (!)
  • Sayaka Nakaya, voices Orine

There is no Karen among members. Although some names are kept in reserve, like Sachiko and Paruru, I do not recall her mentioned. Therefore I find it unlikely that Nagusa will succeed Karen Iwata. As for Chieri succeeding Mayuyu, that’s out of the question! Although they are cold enough for match outside, it’s the inside that matters. Also, I’m sure Chieri is destined for a greater succession than Mayuyu. Well, unless it turns out that she was majorly augmented all this time, thanks to dad.

Orine can still succeed Sayaka, but that is the only case among the whole set. Why is that? Why don’t they want to exploit it? Worse, a large possibility exists when members have to voice successors of other members in the future seasons.

Mysterious redhead of 4 years ago. Who was she? She looked like Kanata, who, as we know is angling to succeed TakaMina (but is not going to live long enough). Kanata is 75th, so it’s absolutely out of question for her to participate. Not to mention that she launched in combat for the 1st time in 08.

Naota. The only fan recognized by an idol, member of WOTA. You know, if groupies in our world would literally protect and save lives of stars (and vice-versa), it would probably change some of the dynamics. Anyway, so far I have no idea how special Naota’s relationship with Sae is, but we weren’t shown much. It could be routine. The question is, do we have a death flag?

What has happened to the DES battleship after TakaMina went out of commission?