Supermarket Nipponism No.2

The series of Precure candy came to a close, but never fear: the American food industry is infiltrated by weaboos. While the candy was sold by a store that may be described as "ethnic" (e.g. selling Heinz beans), this specimen came from an honest supermarket:

What do you think it says? The "tamago" part makes it plain that the language is intended to be Japanese, but "地鶏" is not actually a word. If not for "tamago", I would suspect that it's in Chinese. As it is, the "earth-chicken" either meant "cage-free chicken" or "organic chicken", and probably sounds like "chitori".

UPDATE: Ana-sempai says that it's pronounced "jitori" and means "freerange local traditional pedigree chicken; chicken meat from same", with a reference to Denshi Jisho. The Green Goddess 6 in my Wordtank, however, knows of "jidori", meaning "locally produced chicken".