AKB0048 S1 ends

August 4th, 2012 by Author

Unfortunately, any attempt to give AKB0048 a conclusive review is going to be undermined by the fact that the major story was not concluded or resolved in the 13 episodes. The creators wrapped up the season, but not done much beyond that. So, imagine that you were a fly-on-the-wall character in all this, and then had to move across the Galaxy. Good times. Cherish those memories.

Hawthorne wrote that any kind of extension is possible:

That last shot could mean a lot of things: a new season, an OVA, a movie … we’ll just have to wait it out together.

In story terms, however, nothing short of a TV cour is acceptable. Anything else is just squeezing the fanbase, the way original Hanayukyou Maid Tai did.

This is all made worse by leaving a million of threads dangling. For example, in Kampher only 2 questions were left: who wins and what’s up with moderators. Here we have (not counting the global conflict and Center Nova):

  • What is going to happen to Kanata now?
  • Can Suzuko succeed Tsubasa? I am going to rage soooo hard if she does; little bitch is nowhere suitable for the role without a major growth.
  • Kirara and the Delirium: is there a connection? Or is it like how a railgun and a cannon both accelerate projectiles to a similar effect through entirely unrelated mechanisms?
  • Is Chieri going to succeed Mayuyu?
  • And Nagisa? BTW, is there a definitive list of active and inactive members? Most importantly if Iwata the 3rd can be arranged.
  • What about Megumi? Anyone else? Like Yukka? These may be considered parts of the same story, but perhaps not.
  • Sae and Naota: the fanfic writes itself, but it’s virtually guaranteed to conflict with the canon in the extension.
  • What is the deal with bridge bunnies? What is their story?

A movie cannot possibly give consideration to each of these.

Getting back to the memories, the most important one is how romping and scintillating the anime was. Usually any decent anime has its moments, but this was a festival end to end (sure, there was angst and the like, but it never was permitted to drag the show). Check these notes:

  • 01 Opens with Teenage Mutant Ninja Idols in sewers.
  • 02 Sonata. What next, Camry? Accord? Fusion? It’s a redhead.
  • 04 Nagisa narrages with a voiceover. GO IWATA-SAN. SHOW SEIYUUFAGS THAT YOU’VE GOT IT
  • 04 This history moment was superb, except for Suzuko’s lisp. Suitably introspective, and just a little creepy, with Nagisa there to verify.
  • 05 Suddenly, the situation is getting CREEPY AS FUCK as clones appear
  • 05 Holy mother, Yuuko welds two mikesabers, like Starkiller.
  • 06 Can’t stop saying “this is the best anime ever”. And I don’t even like AKB48.
  • 07 KAZAKHSTAR, ruled by Nursultan Nazarbayev The 9th no doubt
  • 07 [kinda makes me wonder what was Kojiharu’s civilian name, where she comes from, etc.]
  • 07 WHAT IS THE LEMON ON HER HEAD [In Upotte, everyone asks why Ichiroku wears an orange slice in her hair; here we have a whole lemon and nobody bats an eye.]
  • 08 So, there’s Youko, too. Too many! And she looks like Sae. Oh, wait, hehe.
  • 09 WTF Takamina summoned 2 odd Kiraras, while being sick. And transformed.
  • 10 Oh Makoto, you are so wonderful. Even if you never succeed anyone.
  • 11 “They ask if Yukirin goes to the bathroom”
  • 13 Oh. Pieces of Acchan awoke. George Lucas, have at you! [Meaning how Obi-wan became more powerful than you can ever imagine.]

There is more, way more where this comes from, which I’m going to save for a retrospective post.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Yes