Peter S. goes BRW on Joshiraku

September 24th, 2012 by Author

Obviously, I was not the only one who went raw when GG stumbled after ep.7. Peter documents the experience after rewatching subbed:

I am pleased to report that I got the repetition of “new” in the first bit, and April wasn’t hard. Other than that I had to follow the visual action. So I didn’t know what the envelopes were all about, but I could tell the girls were keen on the money inside. The visit to wherever it is went right past me, apart from spilling water on Gankyou. As for the April part, all I knew was that it was April 40 and everyone was trying to cheer up Kukuru for some reason. Weird to say that the raw was not as dull as I thought it would be. In fact, knowing what they were talking about almost ruined it.

It’s about what I got too, more or less (e.g. I knew what otoshidama was). The important part is that subs do materially detract, going raw makes the effect impossible not to notice, and it’s something that fans of sub-only releases tend to ignore or deny.