RT on R1

December 22nd, 2012 by Author

Reading the listing or new R1 licenses at Reverse Thieves, I cannot help remembering the “Funimation only licenses garbage” thing.

Among the long list they licensed, the only two things I would even agree to watch are Akira and Haganai, if that. I do not particularly like either of them. The former is a historic title, and the latter is a middling anime accompaining a pretty good VN (in the effect). That’s it! Certainly, a number of their chosen titles were at least somewhat acclaimed like E7AO, Mirai Nikki, Lupin: Fujiko Mine. Fractale, sure, I can see how the boardroom chose that. But what were they thinking reprinting Pretear?

Meanwhile, Ledford’s ex-ADV promise AnoNatsu (!), Chuu2koi, Hatsukoi, F/SN, Xenoglossia, Humanity Has Declined, K-ON2 (!!), Nazono no Kanojo X, NakaImo, Sukitte, Somedays Dreamers (!), ZKC (!), Upotte, Tari Tari (!), and a set of Hidamari seasons. They should be kicking the pants off FUNi in the sales, from here until dinner.

They probably won’t. Their advertisement machine is no match for FUNi, various shadow relationships with distributors are in play, they may not be able to dub even K-ON (where the money is), and most importantly — my taste is not on the center of the market. But man, FUNi’s selections are either completely random or hype-driven, it’s clear.