LOL Scholarship, part 1

December 26th, 2012 by Author

Just one slide from a presentation that I attended:

There was much more where this came from, of course. The most amusing element was probably the heavy sense of looking at a large thing through a toilet paper core. Part of it came from the inevitable dumbing down for the audience, but most of it was the unwillingness of the scholar to embrace the subject fully on its own merits, and relying heavily on the liberal dogma, no matter how (in)applicable. Suppose we have a diverse body of manga and its themes, which seem to defy any classification. No matter what taxonomy we try, it always results in meaningless pigeonholing. How do we make sense of it? Why, arranging mangaka according to their level of “progressiveness”, of course! When animeblogging does this, at least we have an excuse of blogging for amusement (except A+L).