Omo and Kuro on 2012

Despite all attempts at retirement, I continue reading or skimming close to 300 anime blogs, and a large number of them posted year-end summaries for 2012. I am sorry to say, most were unimpressive: hastily put together, lunatic, agenda-driven, or plain weak. However, Omo and Kuro did quite well and probably won this. Omo is Omo, as usual, although liking Sawa because she's no Noe nor Hiromi is rather something I thought JP would post. It was thoughtful and balanced, even if utterly missing any mention of my show of the year. Kuro, meanwhile, did what's called a yeaoman's job putting together a comprehensive review with useful capsule summaries. I cannot imagine what a working man from Malaysia has to sacrifice to complete 68 shows, but the result is out in the open to be bookmarked.

P.S. JP gets a nod for the extensive work that is as edgy as always ("a pedestrian adaption of a hackneyed melodrama"). Can't quite reach Kurogane in organization and consistency, but worthy too.