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March 23rd, 2013 by Author

Russian Bash has a feature of “holding tank” (“Бездна”), where submitted but not yet approved quotes are kept in public view, in case anyone is interested. It offers a steady stream of anime-related quotes. They never make it to the main page.

What’s odd, the quotes have IDs, but not permalinks. Sorry, Russian webmasters are this silly.

2012-12-05 14:40 #AA-242369

про Yume Nikki

– Шикарное окончание игры. Но что-то я летсплеи поклацала, но так и не поняла, в чём суть.
– Какая суть, Аня??! Это депрессивная игра про сны девочки-хикикомори для извращенцев. Твоя невинность не даст тебе получить удовольствие)
– Как это, и мир не надо спасать?!
– Ты помогаешь персонажу умереть, Аня…какой мир?


About Yume Nikki

– Awesome ending. But I just clicked through letsplay, didn’t get the meaning.
– What meaning, Anya? It’s a depressionist game about dreams of a hikki girl for deviants. Your innocence won’t let you enjoy it.
– Wait, am I not supposed to save the world?
– You are helping the protag to die, Anya, what world?

All you ever wanted to know about Yume Nikki, neatly packaged.