GJ-bu, Fafner, Tamako fail

Since the Lagrange crashed and burned, I poked at a few other things.

GJ-bu was in official suspension since ep.3, when my only note was "fuck the androphobia". In reality I dragged it for 6 more, until it gradually petered out. Here's what Nova wrote:

Even the slapstick feels more like the girls lovingly teasing Kyolo than actual abuse, and comes across simply endearing.

So, the story of Ichizon repeated itself. I remember how someone called it "humane", whereas in reality it was inhumane. Granted, GJ-bu offers softer, pastel bigotry, so it helped. I feel like I could drag it along to the season's end, if it was worth it. But even leaving the value judgements aside, it just wasn't inspired.

{Update: Evirus posts a better operationalized critique:

I just can't enjoy the glamorization of these hopeless girl-shaped caricatures, even if they do have flaxen hair.

That too.}

Fafner turned out horrible junk show like Pretear, only with mecha, and baiting fujoshis instead of girls in general. Good grief. Even its amusing corniness is not working. Seen 2.

The only remaining screencap is of some random character who didn't have a large role in the beginning.

Unlike the other cancellations, I cannot say anything bad about Tamako Market. The only reason I dropped it was that nothing in it was in any way interesting. It was like Tari Tari that way. There were some thematic concerns sounded on blogs, but I didn't reach far enough even to verify them. Seen 4.

In addition the three cancellations above, I also scored 3 postponements. All three were generally good shows that overstayed their welcome, undeshoot their potential, or were batched up on purpose, this sort of thing.

Polar Bear Cafe overcame a rocky start when the main characters made me rage by being insufferable jerkfaces (okay, primarily Panda did). Glad I didn't ragequit it. However, like Sunred, it started running out of steam in season 2. Seen 42, eventually.

Fairy Tail (via Chizumatic) turned out to be Dog Days rather than Naruto. It stole from Naruto mercilessly (Dragon Breath LOL), but it was entirely different in tone: lots of pretty magic and hijinks. Sure, people die when they're killed there, but there's no oppressively brutal setting. In the same time, there's no over-arching plot either (again, much like Dog Days). People may find themselves, but that's about it. At least Naruto wants to become a Hokage. Lucy just floats with the flow. They also hit fillers by ep.20, good job.

AKB0048 S2 is not sagging, unlike PBC. It's just as unashamed, energetic, and crazy as always. Even Evirus grudgedly admitted its merits. I have no reason not to love it. But blasted Initial D and Katanagatari completely ruined everything by moving the plank too high. I just don't feel like wasting my time on this kind of thing, no matter how bouncy.

UPDATE: Steven comments to compare Fairy Tail with DBZ. I suppose he may know better, being through 155+ episodes. To me, DBZ seems like having more story content. I remember how some fanfic authors proclaimed that DBZ was actually a story of Vegeta. But perhaps FT moves into that direction too, with time. For example, right when I quit in ep.20, we got an intriguing glimpse of Natsu's "wife".