Puchimasu ends

April 10th, 2013 by Author

I sort of dropped “Petit Idolm@ster” due to the insufferable 3-minute format and lack of easy watching options, but someone started uploading 10-episode batches to Youtube with OP/ED stripped away on the boundaries. That helped enormously, so I watched all 64 micro-episodes.

The anime makes the best use of the ridiculous premise, turning to absurdist comedy. Overall, not bad. It has to be well understood that it’s a large departure from the core canon, same as Xenoglossia really. I mean the characters are changed quite a bit. Hibiki is not a wretched exhaust product of the creatively bankrupt screepwriters, here. And as they say “Takane, what are you doing”.

Of many cute moments I liked the “adult” designs standing in for SD in an inversion of conventions. Actually, I am sure I forget a lot, but this… Yukiho simply stepped out of her Puchimasu manga page.

Not sure who the best puchithing was. Piyo, I suppose, because she worked.

Okay, back to Cinderella Girls. The journey has not ended yet.

Liked: yes, after all
Rewatch: hmm…

P.S. Hibiki is wearing the same device on her top that Kaorin had on T-shirt:

Probably an Okinawian thing. It is not actually a word, although my input method thinks it’s pronounced “uminin”. TL for ADV’s Azumanga DVD v.5 says it represents “uminchu”, an Okinawian word for “fisherman”.