Gurren-Lagann on Crunchyroll

May 3rd, 2013 by Author

To celebrate the easy availability on legal streaming, I started following the Gurren-Lagann at Crunchy. Okay, it was available for a while on Hulu, nothing new here, but it was immensely irritating etc. etc. I just wanted an excuse to do it. Also, this is the sub release, which I did not touch in a while despite having it on DVD.

And man, what a great anime. I know that it’s not universally well regarded among animebloggers, but then some of them didn’t like Azumanga either, so whatever. I’m just going to enjoy this.

By the way… In the intro, the commander calls his gunmen “Gurren-Lagann”. But isn’t these the names that Kamina and Simon invented. What is this even supposed to mean? Lulwhut, EVA 3.33 level troll.