Muromi-san 06

May 12th, 2013 by Author

Blogging pickings for Muromi-san 06 were so slim, that I had to read Aroduc. Kuro tried to get off with just one sentence! Not that Aroduc’s griping became any more interesting, or extensive, in the years since I saw it last. But it seems like nobody finds Muromi blogworthy. Which is perhaps understandable, but disappointing.

On this side, I watched the episode twice. Not because it’s brilliant, or anything like that, but because Otohime is this moe. Yes, I said it. The taboo word. Of course I can see how roughly her introduction was handled, and of course all characters are one-dimintional in this comedy. But it didn’t hurt much.

I looked her legend up, and it seemed somewhat nice, for a folk story. I did not do it for Kaguya.

One small thing: the scene of the disco reminded me very much the episode of Joshiraku where Marii-san goes to sleep. Was there really a time period when they danced like that? I thought that disco meant the whole crowd dancing, but in both of these case characters seemed like performers on stage. Perhaps the story of Ryuuguujou was a reference to the 80s, depression, etc. The loser fish definitely was.

Oh, and what’s up with the protag’s caps in the last two episodes? First it was ASEAN, now NATO.

UPDATE: Aroduc wrote:

I hope you’re up to date on your Japanese oarfish mythology. That and Otohime, although even if you are, I’m not sure how enjoyable this episode will be.

I read it as a hint that Otohime is not sufficiently regal for a mother of the first Emperor of Japan. But she is certainly sufficiently moefied, which is the anime way, right? Considering various genderswapped moefications of Oba Nobunaga, she should do.