Otou-san on Gargantia

May 13th, 2013 by Author

Twittered: “Gargantia: even with no marketable skills, you may still find love with an underage exotic dancer”.

I happen to know what he’s talking about, having seen some screncaps where Ledo laments difficulties of job-hunting with no marketable skills, and then the one at Rabujoi, which almost looks like something from FMP. Hilarious, Otou. Twitter destroyed animeblogging.

N.B.: Apparently, Gargantia is a true mother lode of fabulous screencaps. Even our expert noticed, while not watching in-season. However, Gen Urobutcher is writing the script.

UPDATE: Brickmuppet is in. Heck, SDB is in. Geriatric animebloggers love risk.