Fantasy and Reality

May 20th, 2013 by Author

I saw the following in SF Japantown parking on Saturday:

Even has pop-up headlights! I am not sure if the model ever was for sale new in America and the pictured unit may be a gray-market import or a 25-year-old antique. Of course, I would not even notice it if I not watched the anime.

A couple of weeks ago I twittered off-hand that perhaps I watched too much, because I started driving with one hand. But that wasn’t all. In an odd-but-true way, my times at K1 San Francisco went from 31..32 seconds down into 25s (even touched 24.983 at one point). Interesting how fantasy influences reality, isn’t it?

In fact, it’s ridiculous to deny that such influence occurs. Usually it’s the tack taken by gamers whenever a hikki gamer shoots up a school. But wouldn’t it be more productive to accept reality and discuss the role of individual responsibility instead? I’m not using my new-found mad drifting skillz to shave old ladies in crosswalks, you know.

P.S. The all-knowing Wikipedia says that the car was offered in U.S. as Corolla Sport DX, SR5 and GT-S. Not sure how many were sold… The most powerful versions offered a 112 hp engine. My little SOHC Neon was rated for 132 hp at 5250 rpm scant decade later.