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July 11th, 2013 by Author

Excuse me, but what is this:

What I witnessed was twenty three minutes and fifty two seconds of the most depressing, painful and downright mean reliving of high-school hell I’ve ever seen. This was not funny, or insightful…it was just very sad.

I found it so disturbing that I could not sleep last night.

Okay. Sorry to hear about Ken’s lack of sleep. I didn’t want to rush to blogging, but I watched it too and I thought it was pretty kind, for a hikki comedy. One interesting part is, the heroine is intentionally served as a little self-centered bitch, perhaps to prevent her coming over as too sympathetic too soon. Look at the full title: “It’s their fault that I’m not popular.” Same happens in the show, when she barges into her brother’s room.

I looked at a few manga spoilers from down the road, and I’m afraid this is going to be another Hayate. The quality of jokes is acceptable, but where is it all going? Maybe Lucky Star at best, if they decide to make up an ending. In any case, manga is ongoing, but it suddenly sprouted a Railgun-style side story, told from the standpoint of the friend, who was mentioned right at the end of ep.1. Yeah. Expect that one animated too.

UPDATE: Omo comments, and the immediately pertinent part is: “I’m going to say yeah, this reaction is not unusual.”