DiGiKerot and Cinderella Girls

In a post about the "3rd Vision", Mr. Kerot makes the following remark:

I don’t really want to see the game filled with Cinderella Girls characters. No particular offense to that title or it’s cast – I don’t play it, so I don’t even really have any larger comments regarding it – but they get so out there and fruity with some of the designs simply from the necessity of having such a large cast that it doesn’t really have the necessary consistency of design to work in the context of a core iM@S game.

I don't quite see what so inconsistent about Cinderella Girls. Their renditions of classic idols are fairly consistent with 2nd Vision, and the rest of the cast is consistent with that, so he's just out there.

It is true that some of the girls are "fruity". Not so much in designs, but in the whole chara card. Here, let's look at Cinderella Girls Gekijou #132:

Syoko literally considers mushrooms her friends. And keep in mind that CGG is 100% canon.

But cherry-picking should be entirely feasible.