Gendomike on Watamote 06

August 14th, 2013 by Author

Anime Diet:

It also threatens, as some viewers have already concluded, to become a bit monochromatic and static. There appears to be no narrative arc or much change to Tomoko.

Apparently he didn’t notice that she talked at length to the two shotas, on her own volition, and with much more success than to the two guys who shared the rain shelter? Well, neither did Tomoko herself notice it (because in her mind she’s already cheerful and outgoing). But the progress is amazing nonetheless.

Given the yet upcoming school year introduction arc, I imagine this is the gambit where the manga is being drawn inexplicably: she talks more and more, and before long she’s as normal as you please — except she’s still a ball of resentment, which is what really her problem was to begin with.