Casshern Sins

September 17th, 2013 by Author

Once again my fabulous anime club is giving me ideas, although most showings were duds. The Galaxy Express 999 was off to a rocky start as the main character plays Golgo and kills, well, just about everyone in first two episodes. Yeah. Who knew. Tsk, tsk, Leiji Matsumoto. Of course S.B. Yamato is still awesome. Next, Avenger is perhaps WORSE THAN COSPRAYERS, if I may. It’s still better than Pretear, because animation is better. But the story is the same level of junk.

So, Casshern Sins was the best out of the bad lot. Personally, it was not up my alley, too much like Lain. Interestingly, bloggers were dropping it left and right. I think Kabitzin never finished it, you can see how his opinion soured from “quite a ride” to pondering killing Ringo. Bateszi also never posted a review, just a bunch of random episode notes (seriously, Margo, of all people?).

I can’t say I really dragged myself to the end, it’s just that the lynchpin of the story being how to deal with immortality, which did not interest me all that much. BTW, there’s no answer. All we get is that once you’re immportal, you’re screwed, so don’t. Okay.

Oh, and everyone killing everyone, almost. Not entertaining. And anyone who’s left (a small minority) die. Won’t spoil who lasts, but you figure it out. Hint: the immortals, of course. And one other individual.

Other than the above, a fine ending.

Finally, as I marathoned the series, nothing grabbed my fancy until I realized that I can’t blog without a screencap. So, I grabbed a crying Ringo. Kind of emblematic of the anime.

Liked: Meh.
Rewatch: There’s nothing in it for me.