Stella C3 ends

Stella C3-bu spent the last 2 episodes unconvincingly unwinding the Yura spring that they wound up so tightly. She did not remember her desire to grow even once, instead longing for a place to belong. And the animation took a major nosedive at the end. Not quite EVA stick figures, granted, but it was impossible to ignore. Usually this sort of collapse is reserved to the shows that are abrubtly cancelled and run out of money.

So in the end Rin is the best girl in the show that Yura should have owned, Sono-chan and the crew shine, and Yura is just an inconsistent loser character flopping in the wind. I do not remember anyone blow the early promise so hard since Kamichu.

Liked: Was amused at first, but then it all fell apart.
Rewatch: No.

P.S. You know what's the laffoest part? Stella was billed as a competitor to GaruPan when announced.

UPDATE: Jonathan Tappan mentions in comments at Chizumatic that there was, in fact, a preview for ep.13 of Stella. Apparently I let GAINAX fool me into thinking that it ended. Oh well.

UPDATE 2013/09/24: Omo disagrees.

UPDATE 2013/09/27: Nova writes:

This year’s tribute to the gun and military nerds, I expected C3-bu to showcase the fine hobby of shooting other people with toy guns, something like Garupan with cute girls battling it out with various quirky gangs and learning all about being girls and fluffy and friendship and stuff.