Silver Spoon season ends

Anime of the season, easily. Back when Moyashimon aired, I wanted it to be this. Instead, we've got leather-clad lesbians. Not that there's anything wrong with leather-clad lesbians, but there was nothing particularly interesting or moving about them. This, however, is real.

To be sure, the story of character growth in a rural land-grant style university lacks in dramatic, but that's not the only thing that moves anime. By the way, my initial opinion was informed by the lack of robots, idols, or harem. I was so unenthusiastic, that I skipped the opening picture. Now I'm taking that back for a redo.

Or perhaps not entirely. The story is only halfway through and the season ends with an expectation for an extension, but we remember Sacred Blacksmith too well. Things do not always work out as expected.