WataMote ends

October 13th, 2013 by Author

In the end, the protagonist is a bad person, and that is a problem that needs to be fixed before the communication and social adjustment.

The few final episodes tried to ground the charge of the nasty after 08 (with Kii-chan, lies about boyfriends and cheating against little kids). The creators leaned heavily on Tomoko’s wholesome fantasies, such as going to an amusement park with friends and having club activities. They omitted the episode of Tomoko sabotaging his younger brother’s school choice, too. But the damage was already done.

Liked: Somewhat
Rewatch: No

P.S. Check out WAH’s review. Leaving aside his self-identification with “us” “`special’ otaku”, he’s got the gist of it.

P.P.S. The parent manga abandoned the development thread and around ch.44 milks the re-union with the “frenemy” from the side manga.