Yowapeda fails

Just as I start thinking that perhaps hating sports anime may be as silly as hating mecha, this happens. Most striking feature of Yowamushi Pedal is how annoyingly didactic it is. Even if we insult Initial D by comparison with its sport anime peers, we have to observe how unobtrusive the explanations of FF and FR drive systems were in it. Here, however, bicycles are a topic, if not the topic. They have episodes fully built around the effects of wind and use of derailer.

I watched 01-04, quit on the aforementioned wind, fast-forwarded to the training camp at 12, which was not that bad, returned to 08 and 09, and understood that it was a waste of time. The story is just completely amateurish and worthless. Protag is a cartoon, empty suit.

Too bad, I kind of liked Imaizumi and older club members.