Vividred Operation suspended

January 25th, 2014 by Author

Vividbutts had everything seemingly going for it. The infamous butts were nowhere near as obnoxious as same in Strike Witches. The docking wasn’t thematically concerning at all (so much so that I am considering giving Simoun a chance). The characters were nicer than those of Lagrange. So, what happened? Just vague uneasiness about the future direction, feeling that it can only go downhill from the end of introductions. The idiotic “operation” that Professor tried to run provided the excuse.

Let’s face it, the suspension here is largely irrational and capricious. I’m just afraid to death that they’ll ruin everything, now that I’ve seen Himawari. Feels a bit like the way AKB0048 was suspended.

Ana-sempai has heavy spoilers if anyone is interested.