Space Dandy sucks

Sometimes I visit my fabulous anime club and discover something groundbreaking, like Nodame. Most of the time, however, it does not work as well, and Space Dandy is just one such failure. It least Cobra is offensive and so bad it's good. Here, however, we have a lot of things moving in the picture for not much effect.

Humour is very individual, so I am willing to entertain a notion that Dandy's misadventures appear side-splittingly funny to someone, but nothing about it clicked for me. Perhaps because characters are worthless. Take Cowboy Bebop and subtract gritty action and wrenching drama, what's left? A goofy space bounty hunter who fails two of three operations, living from windfall to windfall.

Also, Hulu streaming is The Worst. Leave it to Funimation to partner with a fat incumbent (granted, Funimation posts some good things to Youtube as well, but not this one [obviously, it's no good — Ed.]).