Kotoura-san begins

March 10th, 2014 by Author

The most interesting feature of the way Kotoura-san begins is how compressed the intro is, in a sense that a fairly rich pre-history of the setup is unrolled in 2 episodes. It reminded me much about KimiNozo very much, where all the coma was over in the same space, and the remainding 23 or so were spent on something else, not included into the synopsys.

And here’s a trivial observation: Kotoura’s actual trouble is not that she can read minds, but that she cannot shut her pie hole. She should’ve learned her lesson about it back in the kindergarten, but she didn’t. She is defective — not so much as Watamote’s protagonist, but undoubtedly so. Then she finds comfort in a school club populated by similarly damaged and maladjusted individuals. You can see where that is going from kilometers away.

Still, it’s not bad. Kotoura’s man is a little dim, but decent. Everyone else is coping as they can, and by the ep.6 we’re into a swimsuit episode, where the small cup size jokes are not at all overplayed. I’m cautiously optimistic.