Bloggers on Kotoura-san Kotoura-san – The art looks ugly as butt. Depends on how funny it is. I dropped Kotoura-san at episode nine. This is unusual for two reasons: First, Kotoura-san is a really good show sometimes. Or at least it really has its moments. Second, after watching nine episodes of a single-cour series, I was so close to the end anyway it seems sticking it out and hoping for the best would have been a reasonable proposition. On problem with that though: Kotoura-san also annoyed the Bejesus out of me pretty frequently. Pointless cockblocking, idiotic one-note gags, and some really shitty writing offset the show's good qualities. I guess on average it's still at least okay as a whole, but it just wasn't worth it to me. Kurogane - ended suddenly after 04 And lastly, even though Kotoura kind of forgives her mother in the last episode, and it seems like the audience is supposed to as well, I just couldn’t. All she’s ever said is cruel, hurtful things to her daughter, so just because she mumbles “I’m sorry” in her sleep and sheds a few tears doesn’t just erase all that. <----- haha Fate Testarosa I will miss this amazing smiling face. -- actually, yes. Nobar is a moron - tons and tons of super annoying spoilers