Avatar on Zvezda

April 6th, 2014 by Author

Andy sent a comment:

Honestly, the real problem for me is that they never really built the world they were busy trying to conquer. Warring prefectures? Governor of Tokyo has legions of minions borrowed from Jin-Roh? Is it Udo that put the Udo in Udogawa? Who the heck knows.

It’s not like the formula hasn’t been tried before, but Excel Saga wasn’t ever meant to be taken seriously, so to a degree none of it mattered. And I can live with Zvezda itself being a bundle of “who cares if it makes sense, Rule of Cool is in effect”. But that only works if it’s an exception, the world around it either has to make sense on its own, or be playing by the same Rule-of-Cool rules. And for a lot of the story, it just didn’t do either.

Personally, I’m ready to forgive the incomplete world to them. After all, Glie is similarly incomplete, with the difference being in Zvezda pretending that it’s our world, only slightly adjusted.

That said, I still enjoyed it plenty. I want to put on a trenchcoat and skull mask and dual-wield Panzerfausts as melee weapons!

Talk about the art of manliness. However, I’m not ready to forgive the good General his criminal past.