Weaboo Adventures in American iTunes

Something prompted me to search at iTunes by entering Japanese keywords, such as "アイドル", and guess what? They have a few J titles leaking over. So far I grabbed a talking clock "MoeJiFukuZ", terrible quasi-VN "Kuudere Kanojo", and Kanon for iPad, which comes untranslated for some reason. It has all the glorious in its derpiness Key art:

The game is completely unvoiced. In other words, a sea of kanji as far as eye can see. Uguuuu~.

BTW, it has 50 save slots. Last time I played a game with this many, I needed basically all of them. I'd love to find a playthrough, but strangely enough they are not that easy to find. You'd think it were an immortal classic and all that, but Internet is so useless these days.

P.S. I just noticed that the screencap above fails to illustrate my plight: the kanji in it are trivial: Nayuki says, "Mom, I can't find my uniform". Trust me, it gets worse all the time, and a bunch of those aren't even in jojo list.