Trigger discipline

On topic of trigger discipline, this was at Cinderella Girls today:

Tsk, tsk.

Steven also explains why he didn't actually watch Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka thus:

"Cute girls doing cute things" isn't a genre I really get into. Strawberry Marshmallow and Yuru Yuri kind of overdosed me. I couldn't finish either of them, so now I don't try.

Generally I think of myself as a conneseur of CGDCT, but I dropped and/or rejected a number of the genre titles. That includes popular and acclaimed ones like Hidamari, where faces were too wide (it was also over-SHAFT-ed). Strawberry Marshmallow featured Anna Coppola, who was absolutely insufferable, IIRC -- it was very long ago, before Ani-nouto. I did not watch Yuru Yuri, but I heard that the whole show is a walking thematic concern.

In other words, Steven selected two worst CGDCT shows to decide that all of them sucked. For fairness sake, he forgot to mention that he didn't like the definitive series, Azumanga, either. Still, as written, his reasoning looks very strange!