Not a P

May 30th, 2014 by Author

A mega con report at our mega P’s blog caught my attention with this (among other things):

I tried to engage with as many other tables as I could and what I understood was that the table beside us became the DD table. DD stands for “daredemo daisuki” which essentially means “love anyone” and refers to otaku who love multiple idols or girls and with somewhat of an implication that they don’t truly love anyone. It’s more of a joke anyhow and it so happened that many of the Ps at that table both from both Japan and North America were kuso DDs turning it into quite a funny situation.

I’m so DD. When people ask me who’s my favourite iM@S idol, I can never answer for sure. Haruka, perhaps. She’s the only one with whom I would not mind to associate if she were real. Even so, everyone has charm points (although for Iori it’s mostly the money).

Truth to be told, I never thought of myself as a P, but more like a RL fan. Not even a fan like Little Bell Peppers, but an even less engaged one. And a DD.

Except that I’m watching you, Uzuki. Don’t screw it up.