I am afraid Madoka is inevitable

I am currently away from home for a business meeting, and one of the attendees is a Japanese gentleman, whom we shall call Mr. Tz., for privacy's sake. A group of us went for a dinner today, and the following exchange took place:

AUTHOR: "So... What are your hobbies?"

MR. TZ.: "Well... I watch animation."

AUTHOR: "Oh, and what was the most interesting recently?"

MR. TZ.: "It's difficult to choose. Perhaps Evangelion."

AUTHOR: "EVA is pretty old, but I meant what you found remarkable recently."

MR. TZ.: "If recently, then iDOLM@STER."

Imagine my surprise. He also plays Cinderella Girls. When I heard that, I whipped out my iPad and luckily the WiFi decided to work for a few minutes, just long enough for me to load my studio. Mr.Tz. showed his studio page on his cellphone (of course his Mobage account is verified, so he sports a line-up of all S-rare-plus cards).

Aside from iM@S, the only recent anime Mr. Tz. mentioned as noteworthy was Madoka. At this point I am afraid I have no choice but to watch it.