Kawai-sou ends

July 15th, 2014 by Author

And so, marathoned in 3 days, it ends so quickly: a series that I seriously meant to suspend in the beginning. Notes that I penciled at ep.1 dripped with scorn, like in “so, it’s a story of yet another fine young man thinking with his penis”. Suffering of poor Shiratori left me too deeply suspicious of this re-take.

Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, I cannot engage into explanations what made the anime for me. Here’s a few unrelated observations, however.

Although I think the size was matching the pace, I had a recurring feeling that something was omitted. For example, in ep.7, Usa’s classmate comes to the complex to meet Mayumi, and… absolutely nothing happens. It looks as if parts were edited out. In the same time, they had a ton of filler, such as the whole neighbourhood loli thing.

There was a strange refrigeratior moment, in the finale. How does Mayumi know what Maemura said? Only Usa and Ritsu heard it said, I just don’t see either of them relating it.

So, despite the compact size, writing wasn’t at Haibane Renmei level.

The art, however, was outstanding. Creators have gone bananas at the eyes, in particular. And it’s not just my opinion (as @andrea_chii twittered, “one of the best parts of the show for me honestly lol”). The series may merit a Visual Retrospective post later.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Possible