Evirus on Chaika

July 19th, 2014 by Author

In a season’s summary:

Thankfully, Chaika succeeds wonderfully in its execution. The fights are consistently good, and the characters endearing enough to draw the viewer’s sympathy. One standout in particular, Fredrica, can attribute her character’s draw almost entirely to the way her veteran seiyuu plays her. Saito Chiwa exudes a perfect combination of bored petulance and trigger-happy glee as Fredrica, and hits all her marks while demonstrating how important timing is to comedy.

I’m extraordinarily pleased a second cour of Hitsugi no Chaika will begin this autumn. It’s been a lot of fun to watch, so I’m glad it will be back.

Extraordinarily, dawg.

BTW, I watched 3 episodes, but Chaika did not pull me in, and since I knew that it was incomplete (h/t RABUJOI), I had it postponed without blogging.