Love Live begins

September 6th, 2014 by Author

DiGiKerot, a man of respectable taste, liked the original Love Live and loved the sequel. That kept it on my radar. However he admitted to thematic concerns. Also, Evirus was less enthusiastic with a pithy “interesting traits, uninteresting people”. So, it took IRC (see the sidebar?) to prompt action:

<zaitcev> Ah, yes, it’s Love Live. God help you slowking if it turns out having thematic concerns.
<slowking> it does
<zaitcev> aww
<slowking> already warned
<slowking> i had a good time laughing at it
<slowking> i actually want to hear your reaction to nico
<slowking> but she doesn’t appear til episode 5

And so.

It’s a pretty smooth sailing in the beginning. The people are all right. For example, they have an exact equivalent of Mio from K-ON, only not partnered to a retard moe type. The president is duly impressive: I saw her watching the concert and could not help asking what was she thinking. Maki Nishikino, a bona fide talent, is another early favourite.

BTW, A-RISE’s choreography was more impressive than AKB48 or AKB0048. It’s a great yardstick for the μ’s. Would even be if they were real.