So, who do you hate the most in Love Live?

Twitter strikes again, this time with Evirus' "everyone hates that one Love Live girl" and subsequent evasion. At first I suspected that it was his way to finger Nico for being a definite ballast (above, on the left). But on second thought, perhaps he did not mean anyone in particular. Trolling for admissions, so to speak.

My least favourite character is Nozomi (above, on the right). She thinks she knows it all, and it's immensely irritating, especially in the case of taming of Eli in ep.8. The creators of Love Live made things go her way, but in real life it would not be a given.

UPDATE: Omo comments.

UPDATE 2017/07/24: It took Evirus almost 3 years to come clean. It was Rin. Nozomi was the second worst, but the stated reason for it was her raping everyone, and not being a cocksure broad.