Locodol ends

Here ends the low-pressure watch of the season. It was not amazing in any way, but it was reasonaly well made and entertaining. This makes me think, should anime aspire to greatness and fall on its face, like Fractale, or should it aim for competent mediocrity and succeed?

Liked: Okay
Rewatch: Nope

P.S. Still, I review the screencaps and murmur "Su-su-me, ko-i-suru otome".

UPDATE: Omo writes:

My answer is “What are you smoking? Is not Localdol great and exceeds mere mediocrity by all measures?”

[...] I suspect Author has no idea what mediocrity really is, in the sense that I don’t know how many series he has finished is truly mediocre. And by that I don’t mean just “of only moderate quality,” I mean most shows he can afford the time are probably above average by a discernible amount, that the shows he finish are questionable in terms of their true conceits – do they even have any?