Girl Friend BETA 01

October 12th, 2014 by Author

The Girlfriend (Kari) was on my season’s list, but not very high, and I would not get to it so soon if I did not feel rebelous about animeblogging authority. Results are somewhat unclear… The 01 is far from hitting it out of the park. However, it was watcheable, with a few caveats.

The biggest surprise is, nobody is anybody’s girlfriend, and not likely to be. In fact, boys are completely erased. Sure, they are present in the background, but they do not act, ever. The official title is “Girl Friend”, not “Girlfriend”.

The overall style of the episode is basically an inferior reprint of GochiUsa, with the saccharine relations between girls providing the content. I suppose it’s not the worst kind of anime out there.

Oh and BTW. The uniforms use the 3-color code not only on the heck ornaments, but at blazers and skirts as well. It looks like an expensive school.

UPDATE: A shocker at RABUJOI:

I actually like how Chloe’s seiyu tries to replicate someone for which Japanese is not their first language […]

And I think it’s the worst. It sounds nothing like the real foreigners in Japan. It’s ridiculous. But hey, opinions. SDB hates gymnastics, apparently. And the episode was yuritastic: choose love and hate as you will.

UPDATE: Bloggers reported that the seiyuus for the series belong to the group “Sphere”, which went into the hype cycle briefly when Natsuiro Kiseki aired, but fell back into obscurity promptly thereafter. I cannot even muster the interest to investigate.