AmaBuri begins

October 28th, 2014 by Author

In retrospect, the accumulated baggage of the past did me no favours in this one, because the main question was if KyotoAni washes away the dull taste of Tamako Market. I haven’t seen Hyouka yet, but it, too, was called “the most boring anime in history”. Amagi Brilliant Park is nothing like those, because it is centered around a high-stakes conflict. It’s much easier to work with a dynamic, well understood premise like that. Not that GAINAX deserves any less praise for exploiting a world-ending conflict to bury the ghost of GAINAX ending… Remember this:

NIA: Now that the Humanity Annihilation System has been deactivated, the Anti-spirals will move themselves to a total war footing. Their fleet will arrive in this galaxy to exterminate the human race.
VIRAL: So, then, the fight isn’t over just yet.

It’s chills, guys. But I digress. AmaBuri‘s (initial) conflict is not quite as apocalyptic as one in Vandread and Gurren-Lagann, although its premise assumes that a bunch of fairies will die if the mission to save the park fails. I’m not exactly sure why they can’t repatriate into their origin worlds, but whatever. It is what it is. We fight for the bright future of the worthless talking alligator!

P.S. Nobar has no taste. So I credit Tappan with making me watch (“As a military fairy her talents are far more useful in a real emergency than in everyday life”, he says). SDB, meanwhile, complained that “Amagi feels forced”. Puleeeeze. Just wait until I explain why I dropped Twintails.

P.P.S. Apropos the names, I caught the Queen Latifa on my own, thanks to watching a musical film “Chicago” with my wife. I have no idea who the rest are.