Denki-Gai no Honya-san 06

I was running out of things to watch tonight, so I went to poke at queued series Vanadis and Daitoshokan (both at Hulu). Both were disappointing enough in the first few seconds that I gave up. Tatsuo Sato seems to be losing his touch... But what to do? I dusted off Denki-Gai, which was in suspension after 05, albeit unannounced. And god, what an episode this was. Absolutely tremendous. In one fell swoop, creators of Denki-Gai atoned for all the awfulness of the previous (and I'm sure following) episodes that landed the series in suspension.

The episode was dedicated to Sensei-chan, who is the most normal among the cast (well, Hio-tan is sane too, but she's the "retard moe" archetype, plus her lack of self-awareness is unpleasant). To say any more would be spoiling, but it should be mentioned that after the atmospheric first part, they topped the episode with a comedy part, which was none worse. It's a rare feat.

(unfortunately, there's no picture because Maestro revoked my uploading privileges for the period of server migration; I threw a few at Meenuvia.)