Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza

Published: Sat 29 November 2014
By Author

In game.

It was 3 years already? Time sure flies. There's a lot going on in the meatspace on the occasion, but one thing that I felt the most was that Mobage permitted unverifieds to claim bonuses. Suddenly I have an overflow of idols and had to take unprecendented steps, like sell 20 Rares for Rare Medals in order to buy a Rare Medal bonus that allows to extend the line-up by 5 slots (up to 75). I already had a 10-slot dorm that's overflowing as well. The step is unprecendented because Rares were exceedingly precious to me, having paid actual money to participage in gacha from which they fall out. But now I have several S-rares (such as the 3rd Anniversary Uzupaka, pictured).

Free trade is still closed though. Mobage is drawing a line in the sand by arranging for something called "かんたん全員", which apparently allows to legalize and unverified account without a Japanese cellphone somehow. But I was not successful at trying to deal with it.