M. LaMoe on the death of literature

December 8th, 2014 by Author

According to post at Anime Diet, “light novels are the culprit that killed the Japanese traditional literature or “pure literature” as they call it” (he agrees with the statements of Owlguildy to that effect). Personally, I think Murakami killed literature better, but sure. At least he’s not blaming videogames!

P.S. Note that the high-vs-low literature split is distinct from the paper-vs-electronic split. Such as:

While I have always had a fondness for books, it would be a lie to claim that I read anywhere near as much now as I did many years ago. With my job and influx of other hobbies, I just don’t make the time anymore to sit down with a book and lose myself. Instead, time is filled with work, and my commute is usually spent watching anime or catching a quick nap before the destination. And yet whenever I see a new bookstore, my feet lead me through the doors. I can’t leave without picking up at least one new friend.

Owlguildy came to understand that a printed book may be worthless. But not everyone agrees. So we have a 2×2 value matrix: