Mike interviews Yoko Ishida

Now here's a name I haven't heard since 2008, but I noticed that Yoko Ishida scored an OP performance in the first cour of Shirobako. And, as it turns out, she performed at Lantis Festival Las Vegas. Omo name-dropped her, but I didn't notice. Meanwhile, Mike's site had its feed broken for all of 2015, which I noticed only now. So, I went to check and there it was.

Can you tell me which anime moved you emotionally?

My debut song was in Sailor Moon, but recently I was moved by Strike Witches. Those girls work so hard. They fight hard and build their friendship, and that kind of story moves me.

I love your opening for Shirobako, “Colorful Box.” Based on what you know, how realistic is that show in showing the anime production process?

The people I know in the industry say “oh yeah, that’s true, that happens!” when watching that show. So I think it’s close to reality.

She looks pretty good in the concert pictures at AnimeDiet, too.