Danna-san wo Nanka Wakaranai

July 3rd, 2015 by Author

As mentioned previously, I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying — on easy streaming at Crunchyroll — ended the only title that we followed in-season, despite the 3-minute format. It was surprisingly gentle despite the otaku humour – a delicate balance that Denki-gai didn’t quite attain.

Sorting belongings

Liked: Yes, but not enough to torrent a reserve copy
Rewatch: Maybe; it is very short

P.S. Did anyone notice that despite living in an appartment and working low-end jobs (web design freelancing and OL), the protagonist couple drive around in a Prius?

P.P.S. It really got me when it was revealed that Kaoru’s blonde hair is actually bleach and not an anime hair color. {Update: Woops, it’s right in the beginning of the first episode, too, but it wasn’t obviously significant.}

P.P.P.S. A comment by Crunchyroll user “ywdgly“:

Those 3 minutes overwhelmed me more than an entire season of One Piece, too much feels.