Rapp against Blogrolls

Published: Sat 08 August 2015
By Author

In meta.

Recently, Ron Rapp, a pre-eminent aviation blogger, was dispensing blogging advice and dealt with blogrolls severily:

Sure, the idea of a manually curated list of high-quality sites is attractive… in theory. But in practice it always falls short. The longer the list gets, the harder it is to maintain [...].

Every blogroll I’ve seen ends up as a wasteland of marginal link exchanges, a needless cluttering up of web pages. Blogrolls fell out of favor several years ago, and I say good riddance.

If you want to keep a roll as long as Pixy's, I can see Rapp's concern apply. Fortunately, Ani-nouto keeps its blogroll trimmed, and updating it once in a while is no problem at all. The latest addition is Bros Before Shows. The Socratic siblings displaced good old Altair and Vega in its dotage.

Usually, the blogroll maintenance at Ani-nouto is not announced, but the temptation to roll eyes at Rapp was much too powerful tonight.