Hataraku Maou-sama

September 6th, 2015 by Author

Instead of being productive, I spent Saturday watching Devil is a Part-timer on Netflix. There’s not going to be “Anime begins” nor “Anime ends” — I marathoned the whole thing before I had a chance to blog it.

Until now, I rested under a mistaken impression that Maou was an anime of funny hijinks that occur in the Devil’s workplace at McDonald’s. Although hijinks occured, the series had a dynamic plot at its core. Now, I’m sure the plot was full of holes, but who cares. It was fun and very well executed.

What’s amazing though, they managed to wrap up an ending of a continuing story that did not suck. Even more amazing: remember the primal rage that Kawamori prompted in viewers with unresolved Ranka and Sheryl? It’s basically the same thing here, but… it’s completely fine! How about that?

Overall, it feels like Dog Days Season 1, before the pathetic extensions.

Since we broke out the comparisons, remember Shingu? One of concepts in it was a bridge person. Everyone else is “in”, an alien or a magic user, but the group includes a normal human. This is rather common, look no further than Haruhi for another example. In Maou, however, this line is clearly under-developed. If one goes by the the spoileriffic OP with Chi-chan running to the center, it seems like she had to have a bigger role. ED has some of her moments, too, which made no sense.

There’s a bunch of other hints that the original source, perhaps, offered the bigger field. Especially in the ep.13. Nonetheless, it detracted very little.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Sure.

P.S. If things progress naturally, without the author twising the characters into pretzels, Emilia is going to win. But there is no way to know, of course.

P.P.S. Suzuko (Bel) is the best girl. Okay, I know about her past, but whatever, she still is. {Update: Evirus agrees.}

P.P.P.S. Steven has no taste:

I watched the first two episodes of Hataraku Maou-sama, and, well, it wasn’t shit. But it wasn’t good.

I said “this must be the best anime ever” a few times when I watched it, but I toned it down to “anime of the year” for Twitter.

UPDATE: Now you’ve said it:

[…] but my memory is that the only thing in that show that was of even slight interest was the human female coworker with the ridiculous jugs. // It wasn’t terrible; it’s just that I didn’t find any of it interesting, except the coworker and her jugs. That wasn’t enough to keep me watching, […]

Sasuga Steven. Still, he liked Divergence Eve for the story. One would think the plot and characters of Maou counted for something.