Omo on Yurina Hase nee Yurika Ochiai

For those not in the know, the recent passing of Miyu Matsuki prompted a bit of coming out when previously disappeared seyiuu opened up, with Omo summarizing it thus:

You can read ANN’s take on it (originals archived by Yaraon), but there’s more to that story than what was translated. For one, Yurishii was going through a rough patch during those years, bouncing between agencies and dealing with the death threats. I’m not really familiar with it beyond a cursory research, because back in ’08 I wasn’t super into Yurishii and kept up on what happened to the beleaguered idol seiyuu.

Just a couple of notes. First, I could never tell Yukihos apart. Azumin's work was literally indistinguishable to me, and I have CDs of both. I thought it was a reason why she received the role. Second, I wasn't much into Yurishii (or any seiyuu) before either and thus I didn't follow all the details. I knew of death threats, certainly, but I didn't know that her employer treated her poorly... supposedly.

What I do know is Yurishii has turned a corner in recent years, and she’s actively doing live events again. She’s talked more about IM@S and it’s definitely a very relevant way to market herself. For what it’s worth, YukihoPs largely still liked Yurishii’s Yukiho, and it is an unforgettable part of the franchise’s history, not mention the character’s.

I'm glad that she's back. Just don't know what she's going to do now. The Cinderella Girls has a character like that, Touko, ironically. They could get her voice Touko (w).