SNAFU ends

January 1st, 2016 by Author

SNAFU stepped up its efforts in the 2nd season. Animation improved significantly. I know someone who’s hot for Iroha, who was introduced very late, in apparent effort to enliven the show. Nonetheless, overall result was unpleasant, because of characters that were stupid, egocentric, inconsiderate, sadistic, or any number of other pathologies. In various degrees, yes. I could live with Yukipon and the redhead, grinding my teeth. Saika was groanworthy. The pseudo rich bitch was pitiful. But their token fujoshi was terrible, Iroha was insufferable. The worst of all, the big sister’s pigface was crying for a brick so badly. Now granted, the teacher was phenomenal. But her one scene can’t carry the whole thing.

Of course, characters only make up a slice of this pie. As far as its design goes, I find SNAFU superior to Toradora and possibly to H&C. Can’t quite scratch AnoNatsu, but it’s about there. The psychological subtlieties are laid out with exquisite delicacy, Tolstoy style. But the people, the people! It’s one thing to have characters that are flawed in a humane way, and another thing is this cast.

Same thing happens with the acting: the cast roster reads as Who Is Who of the voice talent. They borrowed a few from iM@S (e.g. Azumin for the lazy and incompetent social butterfly president). Ryouka Yuzuki and Saori Hayami were killing it too. Works great to whip up the hate for the characters. Marina Inoue for the sister! {Correction: Mai Nakahara; thanks, Mr. Sagematt}

Finally, the main story goes to the same place where Macross Frontier did, if you catch my drift. But that was merely a cherry to top everything off.

Liked: Not a fan of assholes
Rewatch: Nope