The run of Hibike! Euphonium at Ani-nouto included a heretofore unblogged dorama, where I hated it so much that I ragequit it after 04 and didn't know what to blog about it (except a rather oblique preview) [1]. Debacles like this are rare around these parts: can't recall any beyond Nanoha and Railgun. And now I completed all three.

Before dropping, I expected to post a simple summary like "hated every minute of it". It would not be so simple now. There were some good parts after all. I even found a favourite character: Natsuki (Nakagawa).

In addition, Euphonium is an amazing feast for the eyes.

Liked: No
Rewatch: Already did

P.S. Official problem of the record is "I've seen better scheming mentors before [InitialD, Nodame]". Thematic concerns were pretty heavy, too. Finally, why so much voiceover? Show, don't tell!

[1] Actually, CKS made me resume it and drag through 07, at which point I noted "melo-melo-melo-dorama" and "nice hook in the end with Kumiko's beginner friend getting interested in Kumiko's osananajimi dude, but not enough to forestall 2nd suspension". But these are details.