Girls und Panzer ends

Yet another previously dropped series is restarted and completed. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel? We got it! And Garupan is not all that bad too. Just not all that good either.

One good thing about Garupan is the artificially crazy setting that is designed to disclaim any presence of realism. This way, the creators can run the World Of Tanks With Schoolgirls thing with impunity. And what they've done with it is much better than, say, Starship Operators, where outright implausible and magical combat had to be excused. The convenient rule of "flag tank" is equally made up in our world by creators and in the world of Garupan by tournament officials, and it does not share the thoroughly pre-shattered disbelief.

Unfortunately, the characters remained fairly cardboard to the end, albeit quite sympathetic. Well, the main five, anyway. The crew of generals was way too batty, and that was a pity. I cannot even name a favourite.

Liked: Not much
Rewatch: Nope